We have a Winner
The Online Competition has concluded and we have a winner…
"Photographer of the Year 2013”-
Viktor Lyagushkin from Russia

The 2013 Online Competition took place over the course of January to May.
During each of these months, amateur and professional photographers from all over the world submitted a portfolio of 3 digital images through the competition’s website. By the end of each month, 3 photographers were announced as the winners of that particular month, chosen both by the public and by a panel of 5 international judges.

In June, all monthly winners (15 photographers overall) competed each other on a final competition for the title “Photographer of the Year”. Online voters and a panel of 5 international judges selected Viktor Lyagushkin from Russia as the winner, thereby crowning him as the “Photographer of the Year 2013”.

As the “Photographer of the Year”, Viktor is invited to participate in the HP Red Sea 2013 competition in Eilat. Flights, accommodation (BB) and diving costs will all be covered.

The 9th annual HP Red Sea competition will be held in Eilat on October 20-26, 2013.
A variety of innovative categories and worthy prizes is featured this year, which makes the title “Photographer of the Year” very much worthwhile for Viktor!

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The Winner & Photographer of the year for 2013 is: Viktor Lyagushkin from Russia
Viktor has won the votes of 0.23% of the surfers
and 23.66% of the judges votes.
Total votes 23.89%

The Second place goes to Dennis Vandermeersch from Belgium
Dannis has won 12.07% votes of the surfers
and 4.66% of the judges votes.
Total votes 16.73%
The Third place goes to: Richard Carey from UK
Richard has won 1.05% votes of the surfers
and 9.32% of the judges votes.
Total votes 10.37%

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