2012 Online Competition
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General Information

Photographer of the Month
Between the months of January and May, the Eilat Red Sea 2012 Online Competition will take place. Each month during the competition, amateur and professional photographers from all over the world are invited to submit a portfolio of 3 digital photos. By the end of each month, 3 photographers will be announced as the winners of that particular month, chosen both by the public and by a panel of 5 international judges.

Photographer of the Year
An online competition among all the monthly winners (15 photographers) will then begin on June 1st, 2012. Online voters and a panel of 5 internatioal judges will eventually select one of the competitors as the “Photographer of the Year”.

Flights, accommodation and diving expenses will all be covered for the Photographer of the Year, in order to enable this winner to participate at the Eilat Red Sea 2012 shoot-out in Eilat.

The 8th annual Eilat Red Sea competition will be held on November 4-10, 2012, in Eilat. Innovative categories and some very worthy prizes are planned for this year, making it very much worthwhile to be elected as the Photographer of the Year.

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Last Competition
The 3 photographers for May are:
The First
place goes to Ramon Dominguez from Mexico
Ramon has won the votes of 5.71% of the surfers
and 32.66 % of the judges votes.
Total votes 38.37 %

The Second place goes to Marcello Di Francesco from Italy
Marcello has won 7.14% votes of the surfers
and 25.66% of the judges votes.
Total votes 32.8%

The Third place goes to Seppo Parviainen from Finland
Seppo has won 2.85% votes of the surfers
and 8.66% of the judge’s votes.
Total votes 11.51%

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