Diving sites in Eilat

Yatush Wreck

This is a 30m wreck dive which can be made at any time of day


offering a look at several marine experiments set up on the site by the field branch of the one of Israel's leading universities...

The Pyramid

This is a deep dive to around 30m to a large metal pyramid-shaped structure resting...

Statue Garden

Four large metal statues created by an artist Dan Rapaport were immersed here in order to create an artificial reef

South Beach

sandy slope to a depth of around 20-22m, passing some striking coral formations at around 6-8m

Satil Wreck

This is a wreck dive to 24m which can be made at any time of day


"Paradise" is a coral garden on an undulating plateau with several statuesque coral formations

Neptune's Tables - South

This site is characterized by coral formations interspersed by sandy stretches and beds of Garden Eels.

Moses Rock & Nature Reserve

Visibility is usually fantastic, thanks to the constant gentle southerly currents

Lighthouse Caves

South Beach, adjacent to lighthouse on the mountain

Home reef

accessibility and convenient beach facilities also make it an excellent night dive

Joshua Rock

A colourful and vibrant reef runs the length of the reserve at 2-3m.

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