Tips from the Judges

How to be the winner!    Tips from Kurt Amsler  


Being able to achieve proper exposure, sharpness and pix composition are the prerequisites to be accepted by the Jury panel to move forward to the final selection.


On top of this - and it is a matter in fact - the expression of the images is the most important issue!

Coming to the point; an image which doesn’t “click” immediately in the jury’s brain, will lose points!


Putting all this facts together we come up with a kind of a checklist which helps you to be the winner.

-    Present only pictures which are technically perfect in regard of exposure and sharpness.

-          Avoid having backscatter which disturb the images badly and shows that the author obviously isn’t able to perform proper strobe techniques.

-          Paint with lights; try to use your strobe from the top, side or even from behind the subject. This makes your pictures more creative and “different” to the ones of other competitors.

-          How the subjects are placed in the frame is an important issue to strong expression.

-           Following the rules of picture composition and try to bring some dynamic diagonal lines in it.

-          If any action occurs in the scene, as a swimming fish or example  - give him more space in front of the head as on a tail, so he “Move” not being static…….

-          Always remember that the winning images will be published and viewed of people which do not know much about the underwater world.  As more easy the main subject can be identified and understood, as more they like it.  Similar by the Jury; The first impression counts, and this point is one of it………….

-          Remember that even underwater several light sources are available. Next to the main strobe, we have daylight or tungsten light (torches) try to mix all together.

-          Avoid manipulating subjects, as an example replacing a nude branch from their common habitat to on a nice colorful coral these animals usually refuse to creep over! All such manipulation is easy to reconstruct and end up in disqualification…………