Eilat Red Sea in cooperation with BOOT show
Proudly present the

Underwater Photography Global Championship 2014



Join Forces, Dive, Gain National Pride and Win 
$3,000 Prize, sponsored by PADI

In the world of art, media and creativity, some of the most impressive works introduced are those produced by a successful teamwork. And so, Eilat Red Sea introduce the National Team competition, inviting photographers from the same country to team-up during the Eilat Red Sea event and to put together a stunning, award-winning portfolio of 6 images.



Images submitted to the category should be captured by team photographers during the Eilat Red Sea shoot-out, which takes place on September 7-13, 2014, in Eilat, Israel. The judging phase will be live on stage during the winning ceremony taking place on September 13 in Eilat and will be live broadcasted on the competition website.




Each team will be ranked by the judges (85%), and by public votes (15%). The team who managed to receive the highest integrated score will be announced as the winner and will be awarded with $3,000 prize, sponsored by PADI   


Important Guidelines



  • Each team participating in the National Team category should consist of 2- 3 photographers from the same country, competing in the Eilat Shoot-Out.
  • Photographers can team up independently. Alternatively, photographers can inquire ahead about other photographers from their country participating in the Eilat Shoot-Out for the purpose of joining forces.
  • In general, there is no restraint on the number of teams originating from the same country. However, the number of Israeli teams cannot exceed the highest number of teams originating from other countries.


Images submission

  • Each team participating in this category should submit a portfolio of 6 best images.
  • Images submitted to the National Team category can also be images that were submitted to other Eilat Shoot-Out categories.
  • The portfolio submitted should introduce a link, story, series or a visual composition. The theme of the portfolio is open.
  • Team images should be submitted in Eilat on Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 14:00 pm.



Each team will ranked by the public, by the judges and by festival visitors. The team that receives the highest integrated score will be announced as the winner.

  • Teams’ scores will be calculated as following:
    o 15% - Public voting on the competition website will starts on:
    Thursday, September 11, 18:00 pm GMT +2
    Ends on: Saturday, September 13, at 10:00 am GMT +2.
    o 85% - judges votes, which will be presented in live during the winning ceremony in Eilat.

 Winning Ceremony
live judging will be on stage during the winning ceremony and will live broadcast on the competition

web site




 The prize for the winning team is $3000 USD check sponsored by PADI   


2012 National Team Category Winner - The Spanish Team: David Barrio, Fabian Alvarez Gomez and Esteban Tore




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