Lighthouse Caves


·  Location: South Beach, adjacent to lighthouse on the mountain.

·  Parking for private vehicles: Dive Club transport is recommended as this is a tow zone with very limited parking.

·  Disabled access: Yes, although minimal assistance may be required to reach the water.

·  Entry point: A marked and designated entrance directly opposite the Snuba Club parking lot, recognizable by a green Nature Reserve Authority sign and buoy-lines.



·  About the dive: This is a shallow (4-6m) and colourful dive with good visibility, southerly currents, and one overhead swim-through.

·  Dive Plan: Entrance via designated areas ensures divers don't damage the reef.
Upon passing the marker buoys, the route turns north and large coral formations that reach from 4m to the surface can be seen. In two places, massive coral structures form bottlenecks that divers who are confident with their buoyancy can pass through.
After passing several enormous coral formations, the site's namesake cave becomes apparent.
The cave is filled with Bronze Sweepers and has a resident Crocodile Fish.
At a depth of 6m northeast of the cave lies a satellite rock formation famous for its permanent Yellowmouth Moray and attendant cleaner shrimps. The rock is also surrounded by green Chromis and orange Anthias.
The return trip can be used to pass through the cave once more before weaving through the massive corals back to the roped entry point.

·  Marine inhabitants: From the giant 'cabbage' coral at the entrance to the resident Crocodile Fish and giant Moray, anemones and clownfish, Box Trunkfish and their dice-like young as well as multitudes of Sergeant Majors, clouds of Anthias and Chromis and the occasional octopus, this site is renowned for never disappointing divers.
It is a lovely location for a night dive on a full moon.

·  Safety Warning: Care must be taken when crossing the road.
This site is great for snorkeling; however the line of red and white buoys marking the boat-free zone must not be crossed on the surface at any time.

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