Vote for FISH OF THE YEAR of Epson Red Sea 2009!

While other competitions around the world are busy with announcing the annual beauty queen, the leading racing car or the most popular pop star, Epson Red Sea 2009 is proud to introduce the Fish of the Year.

Just a few weeks before the Epson Red Sea 2009 competition begins, all divers are invited to vote for the Fish of the Year of Epson Red Sea 2009.

5 fish-nominees are introduced through the video clips featured below, along with professional credentials delivered by 5 marine biologists, each promoting a different fish-nominee.

During the 3 days of the Epson Red Sea 2009  competition, the fish that was elected as the Fish of the Year will serve as a “case study” for all photographers participating in the “Winning & Donating” category, representing different websites and magazines from all over the world. The winner will be the one who submits the most creative, original, professional and diverse portfolio of the Fish of the Year.

                                                                                      Vote for FISH OF THE YEAR